Conference room Hotel

14Chisun Hotel Utsunomiya

A convenient location only a minute away from the JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit

A hotel with conference rooms and banquet halls located in front of JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit. There are also restaurants inside the hotel and 209 hotel rooms in total.

Equipment outline

200 people
5 rooms
Details by venue
  • Fuji280㎡ School 180 people Theater 200 people Formal Dinner 160 people Buffet 250 people
  • Ichou100㎡ School 54 people Theater 80 people Formal Dinner 50 people Buffet 50 people
  • Tsutsuji37㎡ School 24 people Theater 30 people Formal Dinner 20 people Buffet 10 people
  • Satsuki17㎡ School 12 people Theater 15 people
  • Sakura45㎡ School 24 people Theater 36 people Formal Dinner 30 people Buffet 30 people
64 vehicles
Paid Parking


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