Conference room Hotel

11Hotel Higashinihon

A grand British-style city hotel with a parking lot accomodating 500 vehicles

The hotel has a large 1000㎡ banquet hall, five medium-sized banquet halls, ten small banquet halls, and a reception hall where guests can enjoy casual meetings. There are eight restaurants and bars that serve Japanese, Western, or Chinese cuisine. For accommodations, there are single, twin, or suite rooms available. The restaurant menu includes teppanyaki grilling at a restaurant that primarily serves Tochigi wagyu beef and Utsunomiya beef. Other options include a traditional Japanese restaurant with a garden view and an eatery where guests can select the fish they want cooked. There's also a bar on the top floor.

Equipment outline

1,300 people
17 rooms
Details by venue
  • Yamato954㎡ School 600 people Theater 1,300 people Formal Dinner 700 people Buffet 1,000 people
  • Nikko333㎡ School 180 people Theater 280 people Formal Dinner 180 people Buffet 200 people
  • Heian, Fukuju270㎡ School 160 people Theater 250 people Formal Dinner 150 people Buffet 160 people
  • Hagoromo, Suzaku217㎡ School 110 people Theater 200 people Formal Dinner 100 people Buffet 100 people
  • Toki, Others57㎡ School 30 people Theater 45 people Formal Dinner 40 people Buffet 45 people
  • Kawasemi, Others38㎡ School 15 people Theater 25 people Formal Dinner 20 people Buffet 20 people
  • Edinburgh, Others84㎡ School 30 people Theater 60 people Formal Dinner 40 people Buffet 30 people
500 vehicles
5 large parking spaces


Utsunomiya, Kamiozomachi 492-1
10 minutes by bus from the JR Utsunomiya West Exit to Ozojumonji bus stop, then walk for 15 minutes.
25 minutes by car from the Utsunomiya IC, 35 minutes from the Kanuma IC via the Tohoku Expressway
35 minutes by car from the Utsunomiya-Kaminokawa IC via the Kita-Kanto Expressway


If you have any questions about accessing Utsunomiya City, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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