Utsunomiya has a rich history. It prospered as a town fronting the Futarayama Shrine during the Heian Period (794-1185). In the Edo Period (1603-1868), it was the castle town for Utsunomiya Castle. Today, it is a transportation hub accessible via the Tohoku Shinkansen, Tohoku Expressway, and the Kita-Kanto Expressway. Utsunomiya is also the largest city in the northern Kanto region, with a population of 500,000. Given its accessibility, the city boasts one of the largest industrial parks in Japan. Visitors can have extraordinary experiences, such as a reception party with a wonderful view of the Oya Stone or dining within a vast bamboo forest.



By Shinkansen
(Bullet Train)Shortest Route

Tokyo Station

Sendai Station

Utsunomiya is easily accessible from Tokyo. Since the city is located in central Tochigi Prefecture, World Heritage Sites in Nikko and Nasu, a highland resort, can be easily accessed.


A Strong Support

  • Subsidies to Support
    the Hosting of
    International Conventions

    Up to
    5million yen

  • Subsidies to Host
    Domestic Conventions

    Up to
    3million yen

There are also subsidies for bus services and excursions.Utsunomiya offers a one-stop support service for hosting conventions.


A Leading

There are seven inland industrial complexes located in Utsunomiya, including Kiyohara Industrial Park, one of the largest parks in Japan. This area also has a high concentration of companies with technological capabilities and brand power.

Amount of
Added Value

1,332billion yen

The second-largest
major urban area
From the 2016 Economic Census of Japan

Utsunomiya is a well-balanced industrial city in business, industry, and agriculture, offering opportunities for academic research, business matching, and innovation.

Facilities for MICE Activities

There are many facilities in the city, including the Utsunomiya Station East Exit Exchange Base Facility opening in 2022. Other facilities in the area are suitable for various events, such as academic conferences, business meetings, and exhibitions.

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Post-Convention Activities

Various activities after a convention promote exchanges between participants. Utsunomiya offers many attractive spots for post-convention gatherings.


Technical Visit
(Touring industrial facilities)

Utsunomiya has a high concentration of companies offering an array of technological capabilities and brand power.


Dining and Parties

Beautiful bamboo forests, historic hotels, and other sophisticated venues serving fine food and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages will make your social gatherings even more memorable.


Trial Tour

This is a tour to experience all that Utsunomiya has to offer, including food, spectacular views, and natural surroundings exclusive to this city.

An Abundance of Sightseeing Spots

Utsunomiya has a lot to offer MICE participants, from food, sports, to cultural events. The following is a list of recommended spots to visit in the city.

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