A Service for Convention Organizers

Utsunomiya, a major urban city in the northern Kanto area, has extensive experience hosting various conventions, including academic conferences, seminars, sports, and cultural events. The Utsunomiya Convention & Visitors Bureau assists organizers from event arrangements to excursions and receptions with optimal planning and security. The bureau gives trouble-free support only a public institution can offer as a stage for ensuring successful conventions.

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Planning and Preparation Stage

Support in Finding a Venue

  • Activity Support

    The bureau will provide presentation materials including but not limited to facility information, travel brochures, posters, and images to promote conventions that have yet to finalize their venue(s).

  • Acceptance of Preliminary Inspections

    The bureau will check in with organizations to coordinate preliminary inspections for selecting a venue and accommodations. If necessary, we will even accompany them on tours.

  • Coordination with Governmental Administrations in Nominal Support Requests

    To assist in coordinating with administrative and relevant organizations to request nominal support and prepare letters of invitation from the mayor of Utsunomiya City.

  • Assistance in Market Research and Other Preliminary Surveys

    We offer assistance in various surveys, including market research for promoting the convention and accommodation systems during the event.

  • Event Subsidy Programs

    Please use the available subsidy programs for your event.
    Click here for more information on subsidy programs for your event.

Venue Selection Support

  • Venue and Accommodation Planning

    The bureau will assist in creating a plan with estimated expenses that satisfy the convention's size and contents. Furthermore, we will help with corresponding, coordinating, and securing the venue and accommodations.

Event Preparation Support

  • Referrals to Convention-Related Businesses

    We will provide referrals to convention-related businesses for your event, including venues, hotels, travel agencies, transportation, and temporary staffing agencies. We also provide backup support to ensure a high-quality convention.

  • Convention Publicity and Promotion

    We will promote scheduled conventions on the bureau's newsletter and website.

During the Event

Support for Welcoming Participants

  • Free Installations of Welcome Signs

    Welcome signs will be installed for free at JR Utsunomiya Station during national conventions or Kanto conventions with over 2,000 attendees to welcome participants.

  • Free Posting of Welcome Flyers

    Welcome flyers with the convention's name will be posted and promoted at the venue and lodging facilities.

  • Free Banner Screen Rentals

    Utsunomiya-themed banner screens will be placed at the venue to add some style and color to the event.

    Welcome Signs

    Welcome Flyers

    Banner Screens

Event and Operations Support

  • Introduction to Attractions

    We will give consultations and introduce various attractions to the organizer, including a live jazz performance unique to Utsunomiya. It is also possible to install food stalls serving potstickers, original cocktails, and more at the venue.

    Gyoza (Potstickers)



  • Referrals for Catering and Lunch Businesses

    We will refer organizers to catering and box lunch businesses. Boxed lunches featuring the same menu can also be prepared in large quantities.

    Introduction to Bento Box Lunches
  • Installing a Souvenir Corner

    A souvenir sales corner will be installed to introduce local products and contribute to the convention's atmosphere.

    Utsunomiya City Cultural Center: Lobby

    Utsunomiya City Cultural Center: Exhibition Room

    Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Center: Conference Hall Lobby

  • Selling and Providing Bags for the Convention

    We will prepare convention bags with an Utsunomiya-inspired design for participants free of charge.

    Convention Bags

    Convention Bags

  • Providing Travel Brochures and Additional Materials

    We will prepare various travel brochures for the number of participants in attendance.

    Click for a preview of travel brochures
  • Introduction to Excursions and Technical Visits (Site Visit)

    An introduction to excursions and technical visits after the meeting, incentive, conference, and exhibition (MICE) event.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the support options available.

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