Conference room

23Sogo Community Center & The Gender Equality Promotion Center

A center designed to provide citizens with a place for resting, relaxation, companionship, and learning.

The center can be used for various gatherings for groups, club meetings, painting, crafts, music, cooking, ballroom dancing, fittings, and more.

Equipment outline

150 people
9 rooms
Details by venue
  • Large Meeting Room187㎡ School 150 people Theater 150 people
  • Large Meeting Room A93㎡ School 75 people
  • Large Meeting Room B94㎡ School 75 people
  • Conference Room55㎡ School 36 people
  • Studio Space 175㎡ School 36 people
  • Studio Space 265㎡ School 30 people
  • Test Kitchen71㎡ School 32 people
  • Japanese Room55㎡ School 30 people
  • Waiting Room17㎡ School 4 people
88 vehicles


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